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Black Book is the world’s first combined business and personal lifestyle app.


Maintaining a work/life balance is key to productivity, happiness and wellness. We are working longer days, and often these hours extend past close of business for the day and even weekends.

Black Book is designed to promote work/life balance. Black Book removes the need for multiple apps. We create efficiencies, streamline processes and focus on intuitive automation of traditional manual processes that add to the administrative and non-productive hours at the end of the week.

Black Book creates happier employees.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed global society even with its minutest contributions that cannot be easily noticeable by a layperson. Travel has become easier in recent years due to AI.

Algorithms allow Black Book to sift through millions of potential travel combinations which result in a personalised itinerary. The use of AI accelerates search results which are specific to that user rather than a plethora of choice that is reliant on scrolling or applying a very basic set of filters. AI eliminates hours of researching, time spent on making a booking and putting together an itinerary.


Black Book’s user experience (UX) was designed by aligning user behaviours, habits and personal preferences. Applying these traits to our design philosophy evolved various user journeys that fundamentally are derived from working out every step that is taken by a user when it comes to research, making a booking or managing business expenses. Black Book is highly intuitive,  thoughtful and sophisticated.


Black Book is not only a companion when traveling but an everyday go-to when looking for things to do and see, events, restaurants and bars. A lifestyle app – for business and personal.

A global team.


Black Book is a global lifestyle brand rather than just a booking platform or expense management tool. Uncompromising on quality, we are agile problem solvers who are passionately committed to creating technologies that align with the lifestyle of our users. We care about how users want to use our product by understand their objectives and pain points.

Black Book is a by-product of our own collective experiences and the desire to strike a balance between work and play.

Join us.


Black Book is always on the look-out for driven, creative and talented individuals to join our dynamic and vibrant team. If you are considering your future and are looking for somewhere to make a real difference in an industry that offers great opportunities and professional growth, please reach out to careers@blackbookapp.co



Black Book provides news, trends and findings in the world of travel and lifestyle management. For press enquiries please contact: press@blackbookapp.co

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